‘Living and Leading at a Higher Level’. A practical workshop for leaders to grow and lead more effectively. This workshop was held over 2 days and provide excellent material to work from.

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Audio Link

Introduction.mp3 [Listen] [Download]

Class 1 – What is Leadership? [Listen] [Download]

Class 2 – Where is There?.mp3 [Listen] [Download]

Class 3 – Leadership Matters.mp3 [Listen] [Download]

Class 4 – The Toughest Person You Will Ever Lead.mp3 [Listen] [Download]

Class 5 – Leaving Victim Land.mp3 [Listen] [Download]

Class 6 – How to Move from Here to There.mp3 [Listen] [Download]

Bonus – The Year of the Man.mp3 [Listen] [Download]

Media Files and Artwork

From Here to There Images [View] [Download]

From Here to There Workshop Invite [View] [Download]

PowerPoint Files [View] [Download]

From Here to There DVD set Labels & Cover [View] [Download]