In this two part series on Living Hope, Werner Vos addresses four questions: ‘What is the basis of our Living Hope’, ‘What is the Future of this Living Hope’, ‘the Present Experience of our Living Hope’ and lastly ‘Who are we, and Why have we been given this Living Hope?’

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Audio Link

Living Hope – Part 1.mp3 [Listen] [Download]

Living Hope – Part 2.mp3 [Listen] [Download]

Media Files and Artwork

Living Hope Logo’s [View] [Download]

Living Hope ProPresenter Files [View] [Download]

Living Hope – Part 1  Sermon Notes [View] [Download]

Living Hope – Part 1 PowerPoint File (TV Screen) [View] [Download] (File to large for pdf preview, please download Zip file for full document)

Living Hope – Part 2  Sermon Notes [View] [Download]

Living Hope – Part 2 PowerPoint File (TV Screen) [View] [Download]