A series on how to prepare for the holidays. Allistair Cloete make valid points that can help you keep focus during the festive Season.

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Audio Links

‘Tis the Season – Part 1 – Allistair Cloete.mp3 [Listen] [Download]

‘Tis the Season – Part 2 – Allistair Cloete.mp3 [Listen] [Download]

Because you are Worth it – Part 3 – James Lappeman.mp3 [Listen] [Download]

Because you are Worth it – Part 4 – James Lappeman.mp3 [Listen] [Download]

Media Links

‘Tis the Season Logo’s [View] [Download]

‘Tis the Season – Part 1 Sermon Notes [View] [Download]

‘Tis the Season – Part 2 Sermon Notes [View] [Download]