How to be Rich presented by Werner Vos

How to be Rich presented by Werner Vos

“Based on the Book: How to be Rich by Andy Stanley”

Lesson 1: SO HARD TO ADMIT. There is a big difference between getting rich and knowing how to BE rich. We don’t think we are rich because we look up instead of down.

Lesson 2: DO WHAT? It is easy to see arrogance and entitlement in others but very hard to see it in the mirror. Your money will be the number one competitor for your heart.

Lesson 3: AND THEN? Since I have more, I should do more and I should give more. Be rich in a way that honours God and his agenda for the world.

Lesson 4: LIFE THAT IS TRULY LIFE. There is a relationship between what you do with your extra money and eternity. Always view your wealth through the lens of eternity.

Other available Resources include Discussion Video’s and a Bible Study Booklet.

“Wealth is like sea-water, the more you drink, the thirstier we become.” – Arthur Schopenhauer


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