Download this 4-Part Video Series

* 2-Part Video Family Group Leaders Workshop

Lesson 1: The 4 C’s of Leadership by Werner Vos

A class that will help you to be a better leader through connecting, character, competence and chemistry.

Lesson 2: Growing Your Family Group by Justin Renton

A class on growing personally and growing our members by speaking the truth in love and not judging them. To multiply our family groups throughout our country.

* 2-Part Video Sermon Series

Lesson 1: Training vs Trying by Werner Vos

Becoming more like Jesus takes strict training. This is a class that will help you to see that only through strict training can you become the man or woman that God desires you to be.

Lesson 2: Building With Gold by Marc Jarchow

As disciples of Jesus we need to make sure we are building with gold and costly stones and not with straw and wood. What am I building with?

This DVD set will help train your family group leaders as well as the members in your congregation to grow the way God intended us to grow.

Simple Prayer

Simple Prayer

Lesson 1: PLAN IT by Rodwell Mugochi. A class about planning your prayer time. If you don’t plan it, it will not happen. Great ideas about where and when to have your prayer times.

Lesson 2: PRAYER PATTERNS by Jacques Genis. If you have ever struggled with ideas on what to pray for, then this class will transform your prayers.

Lesson 3: PASSION by Werner Vos. Praying is something we all do as a Christian. This class will help you to have life- changing passionate prayers.

Lesson 4: PRAYER BUSTERS by Marc Jarchow. Ever feel like God isn’t hearing your prayers? This class will help you get the obstacles out of the way so God can hear your prayers clearly.

This series is a must for any Christian who wants to have life changing prayer times!

Audio Links

Simple Prayer – Plan It – Rodwell Mugochi.mp3 [Listen] [Download]

Simple Prayer – Prayer Patterns – Jacques Genis.mp3 [Listen] [Download]

Simple Prayer – Passion – Werner Vos.mp3 [Listen] [Download]

Simple Prayer – Prayer Busters – Marc Jarchow.mp3 [Listen] [Download]

Faith & Doubt by Justin Renton

Faith & Doubt by Justin Renton

“Based on the book: Faith and Doubt by John Ortberg”

Lesson1: The Gift of Uncertainty. As a Christian we see doubt as a bad thing but sometimes it can be a good thing. Doubt makes us search deeper and want to find the answers.

Lesson 2: The Problem of Pain. It is much harder to hold onto your faith when going through tough times. This is the time we should be drawing closer to God.

Lesson 3: When Doubt Turns Bad. Doubt can drag us further away from God. As a Christian we go through good and bad times. Let’s learn to hold on to the truth and not believe Satan’s lies.

If you want to grow in your faith then this series is for you.

How to be Rich presented by Werner Vos

How to be Rich presented by Werner Vos

“Based on the Book: How to be Rich by Andy Stanley”

Lesson 1: SO HARD TO ADMIT. There is a big difference between getting rich and knowing how to BE rich. We don’t think we are rich because we look up instead of down.

Lesson 2: DO WHAT? It is easy to see arrogance and entitlement in others but very hard to see it in the mirror. Your money will be the number one competitor for your heart.

Lesson 3: AND THEN? Since I have more, I should do more and I should give more. Be rich in a way that honours God and his agenda for the world.

Lesson 4: LIFE THAT IS TRULY LIFE. There is a relationship between what you do with your extra money and eternity. Always view your wealth through the lens of eternity.

Other available Resources include Discussion Video’s and a Bible Study Booklet.

“Wealth is like sea-water, the more you drink, the thirstier we become.” – Arthur Schopenhauer


How to be Rich Bible Study Booklet [View] [Download]