Small Things BIG Difference by Justin Renton

Small Things BIG Difference by Justin Renton

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Lesson 1: Thoughts

A lesson on how it is sometimes only ONE thing that can make a difference. How even our thoughts are very important. Changing the way we think can change the way we are and see things.

Lesson 2: Words & Habits

A lesson on how our words are very powerful, they are either “poison or fruit”, that our words turn into action and our actions turn into habits; that we need to instill good habits in our lives.

An amazing series on how one small thing can make a BIG difference in all areas of our lives.



  Download this 4-Part Video Series

* 2-Part Video Family Group Leaders Workshop

Lesson 1: The 4 C’s of Leadership by Werner Vos

A class that will help you to be a better leader through connecting, character, competence and chemistry.

Lesson 2: Growing Your Family Group by Justin Renton

A class on growing personally and growing our members by speaking the truth in love and not judging them. To multiply our family groups throughout our country.

* 2-Part Video Sermon Series

Lesson 1: Training vs Trying by Werner Vos

Becoming more like Jesus takes strict training. This is a class that will help you to see that only through strict training can you become the man or woman that God desires you to be.

Lesson 2: Building With Gold by Marc Jarchow

As disciples of Jesus we need to make sure we are building with gold and costly stones and not with straw and wood. What am I building with?

This DVD set will help train your family group leaders as well as the members in your congregation to grow the way God intended us to grow.