Breaking Up With God presented by Justin Renton

Breaking Up With God presented by Justin Renton

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Part 1: Why people fall away

We need to have strong roots, weed out worldly distractions and choose our friends wisely to insure that we do not leave God.

Part 2: Hebrews

A lesson on the five warnings God gives in the book of Hebrews to insure that we stand strong spiritually.

Part 3: 1 & 2 Timothy

Four lesson we can learn in 1 & 2 Timothy on how to ensure that our faith does not get shipwrecked.

Part 4: Making Up With God

In order for me to make sure that I stay close to God I need to learn how to deal with disappointments, see God with his arms open wide and give God my exclusive devotion.

An amazing sermon series on opening our eyes and seeing and taking notice of the warnings God gives us in his word. Also to be aware of Satan’s schemes.